Salzburg is located on the shores of the River Salzach. The mountain range covers the city from the northern boundary that is called the Alps. The southern area of the town is contrasted with the rolling plains. The highest peak in the city is Untersberg, which is 1,972 metres high at a distance of less than 10 miles. The city is located almost 93 miles far from the east of Munich, 175 miles away from the northwest of Slovenia, and 186 mi west of Vienna. Salzburg lies on the same latitude of Seattle.

Alps – The Mountain Range and the Climatic Atmosphere of The Town!

The mountain range lying in the city is the highest in the world. Thus these mountain ranges are called Alpines (Alps). The enormous mountain ranges from west to east directions and spread, all through the Europe continent. The formation of the hills has been from over millions of years ago. The peak in the Alpine region consists of about a hundred peaks of more than 13,000 ft. The altitude simultaneously affects the continental climate. Several animal species of Ibex live in these mountain ranges. In the Paleolithic Era, human species, namely Alps, could also be spotted.

As the city is covered with mountains, having high altitudes, the temperature of the city is mild and modest. The temperate zone has a distinct change in the climate throughout the year. The tropical climates comprise a slight variation that includes a high amount of precipitation in the summer season, and in the winters and springs, there is specific drizzling, and dry and warm winds blow. There is mainly a four-season oceanic climate.