Being a small city but close to the German borders, the town is a very inspiring place in the country. It is a famous place for tourism in the state as it is the capital of the state as well. 

What makes it so special? The reasons are specified as under:

The cities are ranked on the basis of some factors with a wide variety of determinants, including art institutions, film industry, famous galleries, ancient museums, places with a general romantic feel, and others as well. 

So, some particulars things that make Salzburg so special are:

  1. The Music :

Being the birthplace of the famous music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the city is very well-known for music and theatres. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to listen to soothing music with a great feel. ‘The Sound of Music’ was the first movie played in the theatres of Salzburg. It was an incredibly popular film and for music also.  

2. Modern Art and Education:

The modern art exhibitions are prominently viewed across the old-town. The city is also known for the flourishing arts, joint ecological parks, exclusive restaurants, and side streets with classical music sounds everywhere. You can enjoy the music at any time- morning, noon, and evening as well. 

3. The Fortress:

Fortress Hohensalzburg is the most beloved place for people of all age groups, whether young and old. Several holiday programs, including the children’s birthday parties, are organized in the nearby locations. The people are allowed to touch the ancient walls of the fort and experience the stunning views and the option of exploring the hidden corners. Here people can visit the location in a group and can discover exciting details about the architecture constructed by the Archbishops. 

4. The Cathedral: 

The city is also known for the Dome of Salzburg. It is an elegant masterpiece of baroque art that is polished with Bronze. It is a symbol of hope, faith, and charity. It is grandeur due to Archbishop Wolf Dietrich, who arrived from Rome in 1587. He created the city of Alps and commissioned architects from Italy. 

5. Summer Academy of Fine Arts:

There is a summer academy in the city, namely, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. It was founded in 1953 as the “School of Vision,” in Hohensalzburg Fortress. It has all the ancient kinds of art in Europe. The people from more than 50 countries are associated with this academy every year. Numerous courses focusing on producing art, curating, and writing about literature are taught to the students. 

6. Salzburg Festival:

The Salzburg Festival is the foremost and prestigious festival celebrated in the city. It was established in 1920. It is the festival of music and drama which is held in summers every year for five weeks starting in late July.

Why is it called A “UNESCO World Heritage Site”?

Salzburg is a historical place added to its UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.  This is because it is regarded as the most beautiful place on this earth by many people! But what exactly is the reason behind its beauty?  According to the UNESCO standards to protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage, Salzburg is a mixture of sacred and secular buildings of different centuries and styles.  Due to its most exceptional natural and cultural monuments, it comes under the UNESCO World Heritage List.  This old city covers an area of 236 hectares and 1,000 unique objects.