Romanesque and Gothic

The Romanesque and Gothic churches, the monasteries and the early carcass houses have been known to dominate the medieval city for quite a long period of time. The Franciscan Church was started by Hans von Burghausen and completed by Stephan Krumenauer.  This church is considered to be one of the most prestigious religious gothic constructions of southern Germany. At the end of the medieval era, the Collegiate church “Nonnberg”, Margaret Chapel in St. Peter’s Cemetery and many other monuments in Hohensalzburg Fortress were established.


These are the few favorite things to eat in Salzburg!

Austria is such a place which you can’t hate and the place is amazing to gaze around. It doesn’t just have a few mountains but it also has truly awesome summit covering 63% of the country. The famous “Red Bull” and the “Von Trapp” originated from this place; it also brought the coffee house too. And it didn’t produce just any old composers; it produced Mozart for goodness’ sake.

 So keeping all that in mind, it’s surprising that Austrian food is just as good as everything else Austria does.

Here are some things you should definitely try out when you visit this place


You have been to Salzburg or somewhere else in Austria and not tried eating schnitzel, and then I must say you have missed out something special in life. A wiener-schnitzel is the specialty of Austrian cuisine. It is made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. The meat stuffed inside is very soft and tender. 


A strudel is a type of pastry layered with cream/ custard/ ice filling that is usually sweet in taste. You can find strudel of all kinds – cherry strudels, nut strudels, plum strudels. But if you’re in Austria, you should have a strudel filled with apple or cheese. 

Winter Is The Most Enjoyable Time In Salzburg!

Winter is much awaited by people living in Salzburg after a long summer record of high temperatures. It takes on a fairytale quality when it’s winter time around December. With snow capped mountains, buildings and chill in the air, there are many places that have an iconic setting on top of the mountains apart from its charming streets and cozy cafes. People who love cold weather and walking on snowy roads are the ones who feel special in winters and call it as a winter wonderland. The months of December and January provide a perfect winter experience for the people. The ski resorts are an attraction for many tourists visiting during this time of the year. There are many events, parties and concerts held by the board of tourism to attract tourists. 

Salzburg is the most beautiful city with a beautiful view where people can actually see mountains on clear days, the curve of the river, and the beautiful architecture!